Facebook Marketing Dos and Don’ts

With 6 new Facebook profiles being created every second, and over 2.2 billion users, Facebook is the place to be for raising your brand’s profile online. Here are some handy tips on what to do and what not to do when using Facebook marketing for your business.


  • Keep your posts short when Facebook marketing. Less words results in more engagement. Get to the point quickly and use visual and video content instead of words.

  • Post minimum of 3 x per week and maximum 10 x per week. Go for quality over quantity and keep it consistent.

  • Use a genuine tone and connect with your customers in a friendly, non-robotic way. Keep the tone conversational.

  • Offer an interactive experience. Encourage engagement with polls, competitions and special offers.

  • Respond to your customers, answer their questions and thank them for their engagement or feedback.


  • Sell too much. Don’t bombard your Facebook fans with too much selling. The rule is 80% talking about content relevant to your business and customers and 20% talking about your product/service.

  • Spam your followers. Avoid re-posting the same things your customers have already seen and don’t post more than 10 x a week.

  • Talk about controversial topics. Avoid voicing your opinions on topics such as politics and religion as you may lose customers whose opinions differ from your own.

  • Go idle. Facebook’s algorithm will apply less value to your future Facebook posts if you go dormant for a long period of time.

  • Ignore complaints. Customers love complaining on Facebook and if it happens to you, don’t ignore it. Send the customer a private message and settle the matter privately.

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