Building a Wix Website vs Hiring a Web Developer

Many of our clients already have existing websites, usually built themselves on sites like Reasons for approaching a professional Web Design company differ, some of the websites simply don’t look good because the business owner doesn’t have a flair for design or in some cases Wix cannot support the additional functionality the website needs as it grows.

The common mistake business owners make is thinking a website is just a website. In reality, your website is the equivalent of a store on the high street. Using website builder sites like Wix is like purchasing an empty lot in a shopping centre and building your store, on your own, with no architect, no interior designers and no builders. The result often ends up the same: your customers aren’t impressed and more importantly, they don’t trust your business.

The way consumers are shopping now is different to what it used to be. 46% of consumers will research a product online before going to the store, and most of this research will likely take place on the business’s website. If you’re selling a service, and you don’t have a shop customers can visit, then it’s even more important your website gives an amazing first impression.

Building Your Own Website on

Using sites like Wix has its advantages and, in some cases, is the only option. If your business is a start-up, with no budget and you need to get an online presence quickly, Wix could be the answer, but it is a short-term solution. The cost of building a website on Wix vs hiring a Web Developer is significant. Wix is cheaper. It’s worth mentioning at this point that the cost of purchasing a domain name and hosting with Wix is more expensive that other sites like, and if you try to change your hosting company, Wix won’t let you take your website with you. Nevertheless, businesses with no starting budget for a website will have no choice but to a build a website on sites like Wix. As the business grows, however, they may start to find problems as there is very limited opportunity to expand your Wix website to match the needs of your business. On Wix, you cannot add or edit code. There are options for adding plug-ins, but each one slows down the loading speed of your website, which is never good. 50% of website visitors will click the ‘back’ arrow if the website is taking more than 4 seconds to load. What visitors are presented with at the end is usually an unattractive website with sub-par user experience, that looks the same as many other websites they’ve visited in the past.

Hiring a Web Designer/Developer

Web Designers and Website Development companies have years of experience building websites. They know what works best where and what doesn’t. Their professional touch and effective use of design makes for a unique website that converts, and looks good. The messages your website sends to your customer when it looks professional and attractive are ‘I care about my customer’s experience’, ‘I want to make it easy for my customer to shop/research’, and ‘I take my business seriously’. When you hire a professional, you don’t just build a website, you build a brand. The opportunities for personalisation are almost limitless and you can have the website just as you imagine it. The experience of a professional web developer is priceless when it comes to SEO. An SEO friendly website, with a fast loading speed will earn you brownie points with Google and are necessary foundations needed when starting an SEO project. A professionally designed website can be easily updated and adapted as your website grows, too. Most Web Developers will also offer after care, so you can fix any bugs, or edit anything you want after the first few months if it’s not working correctly.

So, Building a Wix Website vs Hiring a Web Developer?

If you’re a start-up, looking for a cheap, short-term solution, a Wix website could be the answer. But getting a professional website built when you have the funds should be top priority and will benefit your business greatly. Web Developers use their many years of experience to provide a personalised, professional and attractive website designed to convert and inspire trust in your brand.

At BoltBlue, we believe having a professional and personalised website should be accessible and affordable for all business, however small. The cost of a new website could surprise you, why not contact us or for information on our Web Design & Development services, click here.

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