8 Ways to Get More Leads

Whether you’re a start-up or an established business, it’s always good to get more leads. Add them to your mailing lists to send marketing emails (with permission of course, under the new GDPR laws), follow up hot leads with a phone call and build relationships by keeping in touch with your leads. Any business can build more leads using some of the techniques below.

Make Your Website a Converting Machine

Whether you sell a product or a service, the research shows the same thing. The more steps a prospective customer has to make to obtain your product or services, the less likely they are to convert. Implement an online booking system, sell your products on your website, make it easy for customers to get an instant quote. If you need customers to fill in a form or questionnaire – have it as a downloadable PDF on your website. Do what you can to make your prospective customer’s search for information easy and make it even easier to book once they’ve converted.

Offer Free Downloadable Resources

Offering free, downloadable resources on your website is an excellent way to capture leads. Prospective customers generally won’t mind giving their email address and contact details in return for free resources that will help them. Create a unique, downloadable resource that will be genuinely useful to your customers. For example, use your expertise to create templates, schedules, checklists relevant to your industry that your website visitors can download in exchange for entering their contact information.

Keep Your Forms Simple

When implementing these lead generation techniques, always remember to keep your lead generation forms simple. The fewer fields a prospective customer has to fill out, the better. Only capture relevant information that you really need.

Run Social Media Competitions

Competitions on Social Media are a great way to generate leads. Photo contests, hashtag competitions, guessing competitions, story competitions are just some of the ideas you can use to get your social media followers involved. Asking for likes and shares to enter the competition is good for boosting your Social Media presence but for generating leads, it’s better to direct users to a competition landing page where they can enter their details. For beginners, head to ShortStack.com where you’ll find free templates for Social Media competitions.

Organise Giveaways/Prize Draws

Depending on the quality of prize you can offer, prize draws and giveaways can be hugely popular. Marmite recently launched an Instagram campaign offering a free Marmite to the first 12,000 signups. That’s at least 12,000 more contacts now in their email database! If you can’t giveaway thousands of products, try a prize draw. Simply ask your leads to enter their details to be in with a chance of winning. Try and keep the prize relevant to your business. Offering your products or services for free to the winner is also a good prize but may narrow your audience.

Offer a Free Trial

A free trial is a great way to target leads who are specifically interested in your product or service. When a prospect signs up for a free trial, the chances of conversion are high. It’s a way to showcase the quality of your product or service and gain the prospect’s trust. Even if they don’t end up converting, ensuring your business makes a good impression may result in word-of-mouth referrals.

Entice with Special Offers

Ever been offered a free starter or dessert when you sign up to a restaurant’s mailing list? This tactic is so common because it works. If you don’t have something free to offer, try offering a discount or access to a voucher when the user signs up to your mailing list.

Attend Local Events

This offline method of lead generation can be hugely successful with the right people at the forefront. If your business trades locally, try hosting a stall at local events with fun activities to entice people to visit your stall and talk to your friendly team. If you’re a personal trainer, host a stall at a local marathon and give out energy bars or branded bottles of water to the runners. If your primary customers are families, try a local fayre or fete and hand out branded stickers or balloons to children for free advertising around the event. For B2B businesses, try trade fairs, business fairs and conventions.

8 Ways to Generate More Leads Image

Some of these techniques can rely on having a large number of daily visitors to your website or a large social media following. If you don’t currently have these, consider investing in paid search or social media marketing services. The friendly team at BoltBlue Media are here to help you grow your business online and are passionate about providing affordable and professional services. Contact us to see how we can help you, a chat with us costs nothing!

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